Artist Event Scheduling Procedures

To schedule a Resident or Guest Artist to participate in your event, please follow the procedure outlined below.

Step 1: Ascertain Artist Availability

In order to determine if an artist is available for an event, please complete the Artist Scheduling Request Form.  Kerry and Allen will review your information and determine whether artists are available for your event and/or which artists would be best suited to your event.  Kerry will notify you regarding our determinations.

Step 2: Ask Artist for Participation

For Resident Artists: If Resident Artists have been approved to participate in your event, Allen will reach out to them to request their participation and provide programming details.  You need do nothing further in this step.

For Guest Artists: Once approval for Guest Artist participation is received from Kerry, work with Priti to determine who will make the ask to the artist.  Explain the purpose of the event to the artist and let them know that their availability has been cleared with stage management.

Step 3: Complete the Artist Event Info Form

One week (or more) before your event, please complete the Artist Event Info Form.  This form is used to communicate all of the event details and answers to frequently asked event questions to the artist.  Stage management will forward the contents of this form, exactly as entered, to the participating artists and will copy the event organizer and opera representatives scheduled to be at the event.


Please email Kerry with event scheduling questions.