Staff Forms

Backstage Tour Request Form

Artist Scheduling Request Form – Submit this form to determine if an artist is available for your event and request approval for artist participation from the artistic department

Artist Event Info Form – Submit this form to communicate event details to participating artists and stage management

Event Tech Request – Submit this form to request resources, scene shop assistance, IT assistance, or Patron Services assistance for events in the Opera Center

Patron Services Event Build Request

Data/List Request Form

Design Request – The design request form is meant to drive tactical work for the Communications Team. The communications strategy, the initiative’s copy (written blurb describing the event), the initiative artwork, the initiative’s audience, and the initiative’s purpose should all be figured out before submitting a design request for a specific design piece. Please contact Associate Communications Director Eric Broker to talk through these details if you have any questions.

Department Ticket Request Form

Ticket Donation Request Form: Internal – Staff, Board

Ticket Donation Request Form: External – 501(c)(3) Organizations