Event Procedures Road Map

When planning an event for Minnesota Opera, please use the following resources to communicate regarding event needs.  Depending on the type of event, you may or may not need to complete every form.  For questions, please contact the team member listed next to the procedure.

Note that the processes listed below may also apply to digital events. Please be in touch with the listed Team Contact if you have questions about whether a form is required.

Event Build Request

Information from the Event Build Request is used to build your event in Tessitura, communicate ticketing info, and communicate details to the Patron Services staff working the event.  Submit the Event Build Request as soon as possible.  Even if all event details are not known at the present time, details can be updated later on.  Please note that the event image to be used in TNEW will need to be requested separately via the Design Request Form.

Team Contact: Patron Services Director

Design Request

Please see the Design Request Form for information on the timing of submitting requests.  Lead times vary from 3 business days to 4 weeks.  The Design Request Form is required for:

  • Art or graphic design requests
  • Email requests
  • Webpage requests (creation and updates)
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Event invitations
  • Videos
  • Ads
  • Web graphics
  • Photo editing
  • Social media events and posts (posts, Facebook event builds, paid promotion)

Team Contact: Associate Communications Director

Communications Plan

If your event requires promotions via mail, email, social media, etc., you will need to devise a communications plan.  For questions and planning advisement contact the Associate Communications Director.

Team Contact: Associate Communications Director

Data/List Request Form

If you need data/lists pulled from Tessitura for event communications, use the Data/List Request Form.

Team Contact: Patron Services Director

Artist Scheduling Request

If you wish to have Guest or Resident Artists participate in your event, please submit the Artist Scheduling Request.  This form is sent to the Production Stage Manager and Head of Music, who will determine which artists are available and appropriate for your event.  They will consult with the Chief Artistic Officer when needed concerning Guest Artist participation.  Please do not approach artists prior to communicating with the Artistic and Production Departments via this form. You may also wish to review the Artist Event Scheduling Procedures guide.

Team Contact: Production Stage Manager

Event Tech Request

For events occurring at the Opera Center which require assistance with physical set up, technology, or require IATSE crew to work the event, submit an Event Tech Request a MINIMUM of one week in advance of your event set-up date.  You are encouraged to submit earlier if possible.  This form is used by the Production Department, Facility Manager, and System Administrator to plan when and where physical resources are needed (chairs, tables, microphones, computers, etc.), schedule when rooms need to be set up and struck, and schedule the crew needed to perform the labor, while taking into consideration other events occurring on-site.

Team Contact: Production Stage Manager

Artist Event Info Sheet

Your artist participation has been confirmed and the event details have been finalized.  Now it is time to communicate the details of your event to the artists themselves.  The Artist Event Info Form is submitted to the Production Stage Manager for use in producing the Daily Schedule of artist calls and will also be forwarded to all participating artists.  Please submit approximately one week before your event.

Team Contact: Production Stage Manager

Department Ticket Request

If you need to request event tickets for a staff member or creative team member, please submit a Department Ticket Request.

Team Contact: Associate Patron Services Manager

Internal Ticket Donation Request

If you are requesting that MNOP donate tickets to an event, and you are an internal member of the MNOP team, submit the Internal Ticket Donation Request.  Please see the form for a list of personnel/organization types to whom priority will be given, and a list of organizations to whom we are unable to make donations.  Allow 1 week of request processing time.

Team Contact: Associate Patron Services Manager

External Ticket Donation Request 

If you are approached by an external 501(c)(3) organization requesting the donation of tickets to a MNOP event, they should complete the External Ticket Donation Request.  See the form for lists of organization types we can and cannot donate to.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for request processing.

Team Contact: Associate Patron Services Manager

PDF Checklist

Download this PDF for a 1 page checklist of all the forms
with deadlines and contact information.